Sweatpants In Public: Fashion Crime Or No Sweat?


So we've been debating something lately here at Black Market Vintage which has proven to be quite a divisive and controversial topic. Friends have become enemies, tears have been shed, jobs are on the line. Ok not really... but emotions are running high and the takes are hot.

The matter in question? Sweatpants in public. Are they a valid option for outdoor bottom wear? Are they a crime against fashion? What message are you sending to the world when you go out in sweatpants? Are they only okay at 9am on a Saturday to go get milk? Do people have separate public and home sweatpants? Can they be high fashion? Are public sweats okay just for right now? Is it one of the social norms that’s been temporarily remixed due to covid, like elbow handshakes and air hugs? Or are sweatpants in public part of the new normal? 

Our thoughts on these very important questions truly run the gamut. And the issue of public sweatpanting has been pushed even further to the forefront of our collective staff mind ever since the arrival of about three hundred pairs of perfect deadstock Cotton Best sweats on our doorstep. We're talking elastic-waist, drawstring, two pocket, classic lounge wear perfection. Seriously, they are decadent. And they come in five different colours.

Some of us are thrilled, some of us horrified at how quickly they have been flying off the racks. But one thing is for sure: for better or worse, sweatpants are statement making apparel, and we have the perfect pair. 

What is your stance on sweatpants? Perhaps they make it outside because they are simply too comfy to take off. This could very well be the case with ours, the comfort level is off the charts.  

Our brand new old sweatpants are available in-store and online! Get yours now to see what the fuss is all about. 

xoxo Black Market 

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