Styled By: Donnie Darko


"Donnie Darko..."
"I know right." 

Though not exactly a Halloween movie, (we'll call it Halloween adjacent), Donnie Darko is still a spooky classic and a perfect fall flick. It’s also brimming with 80s and 90s style inspiration.

In terms of Donnie Darko style, some fan favourites are obviously the skeleton suit + grey hoodie combo, or evil bunny Frank. But we want to take a minute to acknowledge some of the less recognizable, but equally sartorially important, style moments and characters from the movie:

Bible thumping dance coach extraordinaire Kitty Farmer: 

Donnie is master of the long sleeve tee:

The most generic school uniforms of all time (side ponytail not included):

Ultimate "Cool Teacher" played by Drew Barrymore: 

Similarly tortured girlfriend to Donnie, Gretchen Ross: 

Honourable mentions for style inspiration go to Donnie's mom, his therapist Dr. Thurman (played by Katharine Ross!), and of course the masterfully unkempt "Grandma Death".

All clothing and accessories featured in this post were pulled straight from our own racks. Come visit! 

xoxo Black Market 

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