Best Tips for Vintage Shopping at Online Thrift Stores

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Thrift shopping is gaining immense popularity these days. With everyone jumping on the buy-on-a-budget bandwagon, thrift stores are an excellent way to find unique pieces. And to top this, it is a great eco-friendly option for those into sustainable shopping. All in all, it is a definite win-win!

We, vintage clothing lovers, are clever folks as we’ve been doing this for years!

If you are new here, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best online thrift shopping tips to help you buy beautiful numbers. Keep scrolling for interesting deets, especially if you are in Canada, to find hidden gems.

Why You Should Buy at an Online Thrift Store in Canada

Thrifting is Eco-Friendly

One of the most talked-about topics in the fashion world today is how much damage fast fashion causes to the environment. And shopping at thrift stores is a popular idea because it helps minimize textile waste. It also helps reduce water consumption and air pollution caused by the fashion industry and encourages recycling. This is a small step that anyone can take. Moreover, with the option of online thrift stores, you can easily shop from the comfort of your home!

Online Thrift Store Can Help Save You Money

Thrifting opens you to new ideologies, one being that buying expensive branded clothes isn’t necessarily an indication that you do not always get what you pay for. Shopping at reliable online thrift stores can get you the same pieces in great condition for a much better rate. Then why would you want to pay a higher price?

Believe us when we say your bank account will be eternally grateful for this move!

The Satisfaction in Reinventing Old Stuff

There are multiple drivers like the growing cost of designer clothes and the environmental and human price we have to pay for fast fashion, which makes reinventing old stuff more appealing for many people. Moreover, online thrift stores serve this very purpose, which is why they are often the go-to shopping means, especially for vintage lovers.

Finding the Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada

If you are looking for a reputable online thrift store, Google is your best friend. You can search for “best thrift stores near me” or add your area in the search query to find good options with reviews. Word of mouth also helps to get some great choices.

Pro Tip: Look for online thrift stores in Canada like Black Market Clothing to shop for genuine vintage clothes.

How to Spot Real Vintage Clothing at Online Thrift Stores

  • Look at the logo on the garment’s tag. If you do not recognize the brand name or find that the brand’s logo is different from the current times, it might be vintage.
  • Check where it was made; older, quality vintage will have a garment workers union label, often made in the Americas.
  • Consider the fabric and composition. 100% composition is more likely to be vintage, while blends like 20% rayon and 80% linen are more from modern times. However, this is not necessarily true, as many modern brands also use unblended fabrics.
  • Handmade sewing and other unique construction details are often associated with vintage clothing.
  • Metal zippers usually indicate pre-1965 construction as the numbers after this period typically have a plastic zipper.
  • Also, vintage pieces have higher quality hardware. So inspect clasps, buttons, and snaps for quality.

How to Shop the Online Thrift Stores Like a Pro

Look Through the Collection Patiently

Flash searching briefly through the selection is not a good idea for thrift shopping because it requires trained eyes and patience to find the real gems! Go deep and look through all the items to buy something you really love.

Ask Yourself If You Need It or Want It

Don’t simply buy all the things. It defeats the purpose of thrifting! Just because you find many cheap options does not mean you should get everything impulsively. Instead, set a budget, consider your wardrobe and purchase only the garments you need, which will take your fashion to the next level.

Other Useful Tips When Shopping at Online Thrift Stores

  • Consider the safest bets for online shopping like blouses, coats, and knitwear.
  • Look carefully at the measurements.
  • Check the return policy.
  • Purchase from a reputable name to get good deals on authentic pre-loved goods.

Buy Authentic Vintage Clothing With Us in Canada!

At Black Market Clothing, we have a wide range of vintage garments to help explore diverse styles and develop a unique wardrobe with valuable pieces. Get ready to have fun shopping for unique, eco-friendly options without breaking your bank account.

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