Reclaiming the Red White & Blue


The ol' red, white, and blue... The superstar colour trifecta of many of our world's most fashionable nations, but does this particular colour combo really need to evoke such patriotism? Granted, the Stars n' Stripes and Union Jack owe a great deal of their icon flag status to the marriage of these three shades, but the red white and blue are so much more than that!

No one nation can claim ownership of the red, white, and blue. It's at once American, British, and French, which really makes it beholden to no one at all. Therefore, we are hereby reclaiming the red, white, and blue, not as an entity of patriotic symbolism, but as it's own damn thing! Because a cute colour story should never be inherently political. 


So who's with us for an unpatriotic Red White & Blue? Preppy, maybe. Political, never!
xoxo, Black Market 

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