A Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Vintage Tees

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Vintage tees often require special handling to keep their magic on. It is wise to know about complete care to ensure they are in great condition, especially if you have a treasured garment that you associate with a special moment. After all, it is literally a piece of history that you get to wear! Read on to learn about caring for vintage t-shirts in our beginner’s guide.

7 Tips to Keep Your Vintage Tees in Good Condition

Adopt Preventative Care Measures

Here’s how you can prevent extra wear and preserve your vintage clothing:

  • Keep your vintage tees away from sunlight because it may damage the fibres.
  • Ensure your hands do not have oil or grease before touching or wearing a t-shirt to avoid stains.
  • If stains appear, use a reliable stain remover to do a spot treatment after testing the product on a less valuable tee.

Know Which Vintage Tees Washable

Washing vintage clothing incorrectly can cause irreversible damage. It helps to know that not all fabrics are washable, so identify your tee’s material. Keep in mind the following when cleaning your vintage clothing:

  • Polyester, cotton, spandex, nylon, and synthetic are some fabrics you can wash.
  • Hand-wash silk, satin, and rayon.
  • Velvet, wool, fur, vinyl, and plastics have unique requirements. It is best to get them professionally dry cleaned.

Washing a Vintage Tee in Washing Machine

You may consider washing your vintage clothing in a machine if the item’s label includes specific instructions.

Use a Mild Detergent

Do not use harsh, strong-scented chemicals on old vintage clothing. Although liquid detergent is a good choice, use a gentle one. Also, apply a small quantity because it is advisable to wash each garment separately.

When to Use a Dry Cleaner

Not all fabrics are suitable for dry cleaning. Wool is more likely to shrink if you try washing it at home, so it can be dry cleaned. Jackets with shoulder pads, pleated skirts, garments with unique trims, and leather are also appropriate. Fur, older silks, and vintage pieces with stones and embroidery should also be cleaned by professionals.

Dry Properly

If you are drying the vintage tees at home, hang them inside out right after wearing them so they can air out and be odour-free. Use wooden hangers instead of metal ones to avoid discolouration and damage due to rust.

Cleaning Special Items

  • Leather: Annual maintenance can keep your vintage leather pieces looking bright and shiny. Condition the leather to avoid cracking because of regular use. Use a dry brush to remove stray particles and dust. Then apply a leather cleaner on the tee using a sponge and let it air dry.
  • Linens: Soaking them in lukewarm water the previous night before a light wash will help linens regain a little strength. If you wash them in a machine, steam or press the garments immediately.

Pressing Vintage Clothes

Be very careful when removing wrinkles from vintage clothing. Check the instructions before ironing, and start by pressing an interior seam if you are unsure how the fabric will react. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind:

  • Turn the garment inside out and iron it from the inside at proper heat.
  • Choose a low-temperature setting for polyester, silk, nylon, rayon, and synthetic. Medium heat should work for blends of natural fabrics and synthetics and high heat for pure cotton.
  • You can also use a streamer as an alternative to removing wrinkles from your vintage tees.
  • If your tee has sequins, embroidery, beads, or any embellishments, do not iron it.

Store Your Vintage Tees Safely

While storing vintage clothing, keep harmful substances away from them and avoid stress from stretching or hanging. Keep them flat and store them separately to ensure they are in the best possible shape. You can store them in cardboard or wooden boxes lined with acid-free paper in a cool, dry area.

Protecting Vintage Clothes from Moths

Many vintage clothes are made using fur, cashmere, wool, and other fabrics that often attract moths. Properly storing them is the key to preventing moths from ruining these pieces. You can also consider using clothes moth traps to keep them off your garments.

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