What's Old and New and Dead All Over?


Vintage? New? Clothing that is simultaneously both and neither of these things can be referred to as 'deadstock'. Deadstock is a term used by the vintage clothing community to classify product that was manufactured long enough ago to be considered vintage, however remains unused. Basically, clothes that were made ages ago but never got sold. 

This is a cool and quirky little corner of the vintage world. People love deadstock for all sorts of reasons. It's especially great for those who love the style and construction quality of older clothing but are still a little squeamish about wearing something that has been previously owned. Deadstock gives you the best of both worlds, brand new clothes with a vintage twist. Deadstock, particularly vintage denim, can also be incredibly valuable, a vintage collector's holy grail.  

Our favourite thing about deadstock is checking out all the old labels and packaging that these clothes were originally presented with. Flap tags and novelty logos were once quite an art form... Here's a taste of some of the great labels, tags, and packaging we've come across in our deadstock collection and across the web: 

Explore our deadstock collection and see what all the fuss is about! 

xoxo, Black Market 

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