What is a Single Stitch Vintage T-Shirt?

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You must have heard of the term “single-stitch” in conversations about vintage Levi’s Jeans. It was a rage back in the time, and everyone wanted a pair for their wardrobe. And it was pretty standard for dealers to turn the rear pocket inside out to check the hem and evaluate a pair. Similarly, redline, selvedge, and hidden rivets are all vintage jean-related words.

Vintage t-shirts are undoubtedly a gateway into vintage fashion, and if you are a fan of everything retro, this would be an interesting read for you! Understanding what to look for when buying single-stitch pieces will simplify your shopping experience and help you find unique numbers to upgrade your wardrobe.

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The Time when Single-Stitch T-Shirts Gained Momentum!

Single-stitch started to gain popularity in the vintage t-shirt market sometime during the mid-2010s. A clear shift in the timeline is reflected during the 1990s, and it became the new 80s. Tees created in the new millennium with double stitching evolved into new favourites. However, with retro lovers having a soft corner for them, the single-stitch clothing never went out of focus.

The material of a single stitch tee is almost as important as the stitch itself. These garments have a softness to them that attracts people! They do not hold creases like a firm cotton shirt, and the fabric reflects a high value.

What is a Single-Stitch Vintage T-Shirt?

Single stitch comprises a single line of thread worked into t-shirts, jeans, and more. For such tees, the main focus is the seams on the lower hem, shoulder, and cuff, which secures the fabric. It was the preferred method of t-shirt manufacture during the 1980s and 1990s. Most retro lovers consider this a vintage stamp of approval for a particular piece of clothing.

When Was Double-Stitch Introduced?

Tees transitioned to double-stitched garments during the 1990s. This was when they gained traction despite being present in the 70s and 80s. With many manufacturers switching to double stitch, the availability of these garments increased significantly, marking a transition over the period.

Why is a Single Stitch Vintage T-Shirt More Desirable?

One of the beliefs behind this preference is that double stitch construction is more standard in the modern age. These pieces have a greater chance of being a reproduction if they are on a double-stitched shirt. Moreover, the appeal of a single stitch is that these tees have stronger joints with encapsulated raw edges that prevent them from unravelling. These well-loved tees are made of a lighter, thinner material and weigh less, making them an ideal choice for summer days. Plus, they have a vintage charm that is too attractive to resist!

Can We Use Single and Double-Stitch for Authentication?

If you come across a piece that you think is a work of forgery, there are high chances the piece is constructed using a single stitch. This is because of the misguided hype on single-stitching on vintage clothes. So this isn’t really a reliable way of identifying a true vintage tee. Remember that counterfeiters are clever and carefully track trends to improve their products. So if you’ve been focusing entirely on stitching as an indicator of authenticity while buying vintage t-shirts, you might want to rethink this strategy. Moreover, modern t-shirt manufacturers are likely to imitate the single-stitch trend and use it in their garments to add to the confusion.

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