How to Shop Vintage Clothes & Find the Good Stuff

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If you are a fan of the vibrant retro era, you will know that vintage clothing is a different league altogether. There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a unique pre-loved outfit. You can find everything from cute to quirky! As an ardent supporter of all things vintage, you would also know that choosing an ensemble that evokes your best emotions takes a bit of a keen eye and patience. But vintage shopping can be one of life’s greatest joys if you know how to spot the good stuff. This read will take you on tour to help you do just that!

What Does Vintage Clothing Include?

Every popular outfit that ruled the fashion world between 20 and 100 years means ‘vintage’. Technically, clothing from the 1990s also falls under this category. You can call them secondhand alternatives available at affordable prices—and a much lesser cost to the environment.

However, there is a lot of confusion around antique, retro, vintage clothing, and deadstock. Imagine entering a vintage store in Toronto and finding a mix of racks stuffed with all three types. You wouldn’t know the difference without asking.

Fortunately, pre-loved clothing online is easier with the outfit stories on your screen. As you go farther back in time—more than 100 years—you come across antique clothes. Retro is nothing but dresses that have imitated aesthetic features of authentic vintage garments. And deadstock is unworn clothing found in bulk in factories and warehouses.

Fashion experts also highlight that your grandmother’s homemade dress or a hand-me-down shirt is vintage.

There is a difference in the design’s construction, texture, pattern, colour, style, and other minor details. So, you must know what is vintage before you buy.

You can get more details about this in our very own “Vintage Condition Guide.”


Where Can You Find Awesome Pre-loved Clothing

There are many vintage clothing options in Toronto and the wider Canada.

Here’s the list:

  1. Thrift shops: This is the best place to buy super-cheap secondhand clothing. You can get authentic vintage garments. And with a bit of effort, you could be lucky enough to find your size and style.
  2. Consignment shops: Here, you can find select high-end pieces, including handbags, jewelry, and footwear. It is unlike a thrift shop where all kinds of donations are accepted. And the shop owner takes a cut from the selling price.
  3. Curated vintage shops: To put it clearly, this is a boutique where you find hand-picked items of a specific type of vintage clothing. For example, you may see them selling only denim.
  4. Street markets: This is a temporary open-air market where you could come across independent vendors selling a wide variety of stuff. Take a stroll across the street and see if you can find vintage items. Be prepared to face a real rush.
  5. Online stores: There are dozens of online stores selling vintage clothes from multiple sellers. The best part of online shopping is getting the exact dress you are looking for by searching for specific key terms. Not all of them are genuine, so the rule of thumb is to shop from popular websites.

How to Shop for Vintage Clothing in Canada

Keep it natural

Vintage shopping involves the heart—you don’t want to be too mindful while picking your favourite number. Let your instincts guide you, and you will find the perfect piece, just like that.

Know what you want

While browsing through a vintage collection, keep in mind that you want to buy a dress that upgrades your wardrobe. Pick a superior quality that is practical and wearable.

Try on the stuff

Many brands slim down the silhouette of old-fashioned apparel just to “modernize” the fit. However, that’s not vintage. But, you can pick the stuff that suits your personality. Try the outfit, enjoy the fabric and texture, and see if it feels right to you.

Look for a reliable source

Whether you are shopping in a brick-and-mortar or online store, be confident that you are buying from a reliable source. If the piece you love is affordable, fits your size and style, and you are happy about it, then it’s a win-win. Don’t overthink. Try it!

Shop Online for Vintage Clothing with Us!

One of the easiest ways to spot fake vintage clothes is to find original labels sewn in—which are hard to replicate. Another fool-proof way is to buy from a trusted dealer.

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