The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Vintage Jeans

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The fabric, colours, and style of vintage clothes, especially jeans, have a dedicated fanbase, and rightly so! They are perfect for any occasion, from casual settings to official events and celebrations. However, shopping for vintage jeans can be overwhelming. Whether you are a vintage denim collector or getting started with building your wardrobe, it takes time to find the right ones. Here’s everything you need to know about vintage Denim to shop confidently.

3 Tips to Find the Perfect Pair of Vintage Jeans

All vintage stores have a denim section. You can also explore the online selection for Denim with a broader range of sizes and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Black Market Clothing features an exciting range of vintage Jeans and is a great place to start building your retro wardrobe!

Here are some things you should consider when shopping for Denim:

Look at the Tags

Check out the tag to recognize the vintage clothes and identify the era. The logo is usually a great indication of an authentic retro piece. Also, see the font and whether the tag is sewn into the jeans.

Buy the Shape that Works for You

Vintage denim jeans are typically four sizes smaller than modern ones. So be prepared for the shapes and sizing to differ from the jeans you find in today's markets. Focus more on how well it fits you, irrespective of the size. Try a variety of sizes, shapes and washes because discovering the perfect one may require some trial and error. And, of course, you can always get your Denim tailored by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like how the jeans fit?
  • Is the inseam exactly where I want it on my waist and hips?
  • Does the length look good on me?
  • Are they too baggy or roomy around the waist or thighs?

Denim Jacket

Feel the Material

Many vintage jeans have blended fabrics, mainly because synthetic fiber's have existed since the 1930s. Since they are not long-lasting or highest quality, look for pairs made from woven twill and cotton. Remember that modern denim jeans are stretchier, but true vintage Denim is thicker because it doesn’t contain synthetic fiber's. And be patient because just like leather, genuine Denim from the bygone era takes time to break into and fit your body.

How to Find the Perfect Size for Your Vintage Jeans?

Knowing your size and shape is important before buying anything when shopping for vintage Denim jeans. Consider your waist and leg measurements and keep the following in mind to find the perfect fit:

  • Get a measuring tape for fabrics.
  • Measure around your belly button in inches, especially for high-waisted jeans. This way, you will have the waist or ‘W’ measurement.
  • Then, measure the inside of your leg, from the seam of your trousers to your ankle, to get the leg or ‘L’ size.

Once you have your measurements, think about the style of vintage jeans you prefer. For example, skinny jeans are more form-fitting than straight, and hipsters sit lower than high-waisted jeans.

How to Care for Your Vintage Jeans?

  • Wash your Jeans less - Use cold water whenever you need to clean them and hang them dry. For lighter pairs that need occasional deep cleaning, go to a good dry cleaner.
  • Find a reliable tailor - that specializes in working with Denim. You can ask them to fix minor damages and rescue a nice pair effortlessly.

4 Amazing Ways to Style Your Vintage Denim

Blue Jeans & White T-Shirt

Blue Denim plus a comfy white tee is a classic, timeless combination that works like a charm. It is a perfect style for any age, gender, and body type.

White Vintage Jeans

Although they are not as popular as blue Denim, the white bottoms look stylish and sophisticated if you know how to carry them. It can be your evergreen summer look with a t-shirt or pullover in light tones.

Denim Jumpsuit

A denim jumpsuit is a perfect one-piece to make a bold statement. Style it with luxury accessories, or go with a minimalist ensemble with a scrunchie and sliders.

Double Denim

This is a trend classic and just what you need to show off your love for vintage jeans. Pair your Denim bottoms with a Denim jacket, and add a pair of chic shades and Sneakers to complete the outfit.

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