Men’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Vintage Trousers

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If you are too bored with Jeans, we have the perfect alternative: Trousers!

Most people steer clear of this vintage piece of clothing because shopping for the perfect pair of trousers is often time-consuming and stressful. But think of the comfort you can enjoy and how proudly you can flaunt your fashion sense, especially on special occasions like a Date!

When looking for vintage trousers, the key is understanding the different types so you can choose the best ones that fit your needs and style. Having years of experience dealing with vintage clothing, we have put together the ultimate trouser style guide to make this task as easy as possible. Read on to learn all about them and buy the perfect ones!

The Timeline & A Quick Recap: The History of Men’s Trousers

In the pre-1940s period, men typically wore trousers with a suit jacket. However, this completely changed when people started seeing them as separate pieces of clothing that could be used to create interesting outfits. That’s when these pants became colourful and comfortable. They were made from lighter fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, and wool, and had high waists, double pleats, and flat fronts. Plaids, pinstripes, grey, brown, and beige were quite popular.

With the changing fashion, men’s trousers underwent a few transformations over the next decade. The wide legs were replaced with slim cuts, and there was a preference for linen, tweed, and textured materials like Corduroy, which gained fans who remain happily loyal to date!

Further, in the 1960s, skinny trousers with checks, stripes, and plaids came into the picture. They typically featured creases down the leg and pleats folded inward. The ones you see in the market today are just different versions of slacks or pants inspired by vintage clothes from the ‘40s to the ‘60s.

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4 Types of Vintage Trousers

Bag Trousers

They were a huge hit among men between the 1920s and 1950s before slim fit became a rage. These pants feature a high waistband and wide, roomy legs. However, they began to narrow down from 25-inch width to around 18-a-half inches. They often come with additional buttons and double pleats at the front.

Fishtail Back Vintage Trousers

The word fishtail was first penned in the 1930s, after the shape and height of a fishtail. These men’s pants feature a v-shape cut at the rear centre of the waistband. They were previously cinched in using lace, but the slit remained without the eyelets on the waist when lace became less fashionable. These vintage trousers are still worn today, often paired with braces. They feature side adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, additional buttons, and outward pleats.

Peg Trousers

Initially popular in the 1930s and 40s, they are a style worn by both men and women even today. These vintage clothes have excessive material at the hip and narrow down at the legs using panels and pleats. Most people prefer peg trousers because of their flattering cut, shape, and versatility, especially in casual settings. They feature belt loops and are available in many colours, allowing you to create a number of ensembles.

High-Waisted Trousers

These vintage trousers sit substantially higher than the standard ones in the modern-day and are worn by women and men. They flatten the stomach and elongate the legs due to their shape, creating a unique silhouette. They feature vertical side seam pockets, pleats on each side and the tab and buckle to adjust the pants, ensuring they aren’t super tight. Initially quite popular in the 1930s, this vintage clothing is cherished by retro lovers even today.

Creating the Best Outlook with Vintage Pants

Dress Shirts

In addition to blue and white, many subtle tones such as green, pastel, yellow, orange, peach, and lavender are available. You will also find interesting patterns to expand your retro wardrobe! Choose one that suits your mood and matches the pants; you cannot go wrong with them!

Socks & Shoes

A nice pair of polished dress shoes can make all the difference to your ensemble. Pair them with funky-looking laces to achieve a casual look. And when it comes to socks, you have a lot more than navy, black, and gray. Look for unique colours, patterns, and even embroidered ones that match your outfit.


Choose a belt or suspenders to complete your getup and rock the retro look like a pro!

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