One Jacket Three Ways, Dru Style


For this installment of "One Thing Many Ways", of course we had to ask the cute & trendy Drusila to help us out. We knew she would be up to the task, and she did not disappoint! Here are some of the looks she put together, all centered around one amazing raw denim jean jacket. 

Jacket: New Raw Denim by Koman 

Testing 123 

Look 1: These pants are Dragonball Z merch lol 

Look at that ruching! 

These deadstock Cotton Best hoodies are so comfy! We have loads. 

We weren't kidding about the Z 

Is denim and camo not the toughest combo?

The mesh top underneath the Nascar tee gives an unexpected feminine twist. 

When you're at the bar but it's covid so you gotta mask up. 

Oversized becomes off-shoulder. 

The grommets on this minidress go hard. 

All the clothing and accessories featured in this post were sourced straight from our racks! Sneakers are Drusila's own. Come visit us and find your perfect fall denim! 

Big thanks to @drusila.baldelomar for this excellent lesson in vintage styling! 

xoxo Black Market 

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