How to Make the Most of Your Vintage Sweatshirts in Winter?

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Winter sweatshirts are the most casual pieces for the cold season. They are practical, stylish, and simply awesome! You must have some in your wardrobe if you want warmth, comfort, and fashion. And if you’re wondering how to style them, read on for some amazing tips and tricks.

Wearing Vintage Sweatshirts in the Cold Months

When the temperatures cool down, it is the perfect time to flaunt your sweatshirt collection. These comfy and warm pullovers come with and without hoodies. Here are some expert tips to rock your vintage crewnecks:

  • Pair your sweatshirts with jeans, sweatpants, or track pants for workouts, daily walks, or casual Fridays in the office.
  • Hoodies with cool motifs are stylish and usually go well with casual jackets.
  • Wear an extra layer over your sweatshirt when the temperature dips too much.
  • Experiment with colours, including neutral and vibrant shades, for your crewneck collection.
  • Wear slim-cut sweatshirts for a flattering and chic look.
  • If you want to wear regular-fit sweatshirts, style them adequately to achieve impressive results.
  • Make your ensemble trendy with oversized sweatshirts and some cool accessories.
  • Add a winter scarf or multi-coloured muffler, a jacket or a long coat, and winter boots to create beautiful winter attire.

5 Popular Types of Vintage Sweatshirts for Men

Vintage Crewnecks for Winter

Crewnecks are the simplest forms of winter clothing and are popular among men. They are available in many materials, such as cashmere, wool, cotton and linen, making them an excellent choice for winter months.

Mock Neck Winter Sweatshirts

If you love turtlenecks, give this modernized version a fair chance. They are ideal for casual and stylish winter looks. Typically, mock necks come with a zip at the top half.


These winter sweatshirts are a dressier and fashionable take on streetwear. They are more stylish than traditional crewnecks and more expensive as well. They are a great choice for date nights and parties with friends.

Vintage Hoodies

Sweatshirts with a hood and drawstrings attached are a fantastic option for a windy day during the cold months. They are typically made of cotton or polyester and often have a kangaroo pocket to ensure your hands are warm.

Fitted Sweatshirts

Fitted crewnecks are excellent for workouts and the gym. Although they are more common for women, men also prefer them occasionally.

5 Colours for Men’s Winter Sweatshirts


Neutral colours are a top favourite for winter among men, and grey is one of them. You can choose plain or printed sweatshirts with dark solid jeans such as black, indigo, and blue. This outfit is perfect for casual as well as special occasions, depending on the crewneck and pants you wear.


If you want a classy look, a navy-coloured vintage crewneck is perfect. Pair it with white jeans or trousers with your favourite sneakers for a crisp look to make heads turn your way!


Black is a classic colour for winter vintage crewnecks to put together an effortless, cool, and timeless look. You can also layer it with a trendy jacket for a relaxed style. Overcoats or a black bomber jacket are awesome add-ons, along with black or dark navy jeans and boots.


A green crewneck is an amazing choice if you want to try something different. It offers a stylish and laid-back look paired with black or blue jeans.

Dressing Up Your Vintage Sweatshirts in Winter

Layering the Top

A plain crewneck always works when you are in a hurry and want to play it safe. Choose interesting colours and graphic sweatshirts and pair them with joggers or sweatpants for a casual look. To add flair, you can also roll the shirt’s cuff over your sweatshirt sleeves. For a formal outfit, wear a button-down underneath with the collar hanging over the top of the crewneck. Alternatively, wear a tee underneath your crewneck and add on a blazer.


Wear trousers, chinos, or comfortable slacks with your vintage sweatshirt if you want a professional look. You can also add some loafers to complete the look perfectly.

Finishing Touches

Include a good watch as an accessory for the outfit. You can also wear a nice pair of sunglasses, beanies, or hats to add more texture and colour to your attire.

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