A Complete Guide to Styling Winter Knitwear for Men

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Does winterwear give you nightmares?

Do you go crazy trying to achieve the perfect winter look that doesn’t pose a risk of freezing to death?

We’ve got you covered! We understand that winter clothes can be daunting, so we’ve put together this easy-to-understand winter wear guide for men. Read on to learn a few tips, and prepare to rock the cold months in style!

The Secret to Men’s Winter Clothes: Knitwear

Knitwear is the perfect combo of comfort and class. It is the ultimate choice of clothing for the cold weather, which is why it is becoming popular among men. They are also versatile because you can put one on irrespective of the temperature. Whether you prefer minimalistic styles or aim for timeless outfits, knitwear is a must-have during winter.

4 Popular Vintage Knitwear for Men


A crewneck is a simple pullover sweater with a close-fitting, round neck. It is the most popular sweater style among men because it is classy, practical and aesthetically pleasing. You can wear a collared shirt underneath for a semi-formal look or a colourful one for a more casual outfit. This is why vintage crewneck is a man’s best friend in winter clothing! In short, you can achieve a seamlessly cool and charming outcome with a vintage crewneck.

Here are some of the favourites from our selection:

Classic Black Vintage Crewneck

Mr. Hockey Vintage Crewneck


Almost similar to the traditional crewneck, the v-neck, as the name indicates, has a v-neckline. You can combine it with a collared shirt, an ascot, or a simple tie to get the perfect outfit for your office. Pairing it with trousers offers a beautiful look.


Also called the mock neck or roll neck, this type of knitwear is perfect when the temperature dips because it covers most or all of the neck. It is stylish, looks flattering, and is ideal for layering without looking too bulky or puffy. You can wear it with blue jeans, a pair of chinos, and a long coat or add a blazer for your casual Fridays in the office.


This type of knitwear is not just for women anymore! It is gaining immense popularity among men because of its vintage feel. It is a comfortable and elegant choice for winter. It typically opens down the front like a jacket or shirt with buttons or toggles. Although the common ones are single-breasted, you can also find double-breasted versions. In addition, you can buy zippered cardigans for sportswear.

Sweater: Men’s Top Favourite Knitwear

Also known as a jumper or a pullover, sweaters are knitted garments covering the arms and upper body. They are mainly defined by the knit, style or cut, and pattern.

Sweater Styles for Men

  • Shawl Collar - is similar to the military or infantry. It comes with a rolled neck uncrossed or crossed in a v-neck shape. Some have 1-3 buttons that are just for looks or function.
  • Half Zip - is a modern knitwear style with a high collar that can be opened with a short zipper. It is a new style, typically worn open by men.
  • Tennis Sweaters - are a classic choice with a deep v-neck, a brightly coloured strip around the neckline, and possibly cuffs and hem. Traditional ones are in cream or white. But you can find tennis sweaters in many colours these days.
  • Commando - is a close-fitting crewneck with elbow patches and reinforced shoulder epaulets.

Styling Tips for Men’s Sweaters

  • Rather than hanging your knitwear, store them neatly folded.
  • Minimize washing your sweaters to ensure they last long.
  • When washing, follow the instructions on the label carefully and dry them flat instead of in the dryer.
  • Don’t avoid itchy materials if they are made of high-quality wool. You can wear them with a shirt underneath.
  • Keep your zip-up sweaters for sports.
  • Do not clip or pull the loose threads on your knitwear because you might unwind a part of it. Instead, try removing it through the sweater’s backside.
  • Avoid wearing a visible t-shirt underneath your sweater unless it compliments the knitwear.
  • Get a sweater stone or clothes razor to keep your knitwear looking as good as new.

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