Swinging Sixties Here I Come Baby, Yeah


The epicenter of the Swinging Sixties was undoubtedly London, but swinging London was itself headquartered in one particular spot: Carnaby Street. Home to such iconic people and places as miniskirt inventor Mary Quant and historic boutique 'Lady Jane', youthquake haven Carnaby Street even made the cover of Time magazine in 1966:

"Perhaps nothing illustrates the new swinging London better than narrow, three-block-long Carnaby Street, which is crammed with a cluster of the 'gear' boutiques where the girls and boys buy each other clothing..."

This tiny piece of 1960s London served as the perfect incubator for cultural, musical, narcotic, sexual, political, and not to mention sartorial experimentation and open-mindedness. A place where there was a fairly reasonable chance that the cab picking you up could be helmed by David Gilmour, (before he himself got picked up by Roger Waters).

Anything was possible on Carnaby Street...

xoxo, Black Market 

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