7 Stylish Ways to Rock Vintage T-Shirts

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Nothing’s cooler and chicer than vintage t-shirts. Whether they have retro cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, images of popular bands when your parents were young, or logos of sports teams, it can totally transform an outfit. Although vintage t-shirts paired with jeans is a classic combination, it is definitely not the only way to style it. You can mix and match them with practically anything and rock the ensemble!

Don’t believe us?

Here are a few unique and awesome pair-ups using vintage tees for some inspiration so you can get your hands on the right style that suits you.

7 Tips to Style Vintage T-Shirts

Use these styling combinations to show off your vintage t-shirts for any occasion!

 The Basics

This is an easy way to style your retro t-shirts on any day. Just pull up your favourite jeans with a vintage t-shirt, tuck it inside and put on a belt. You can add a long coat to the outfit and complete it with a nice pair of boots.

Here are a few awesome black t-shirts that are just perfect for this ensemble:



Go Maxi!

A retro tee with a vintage skirt? Why not? You can take it a notch higher by pulling on a long coat over the outfit and adding work boots for a unique twist! All the random things put together will give you a distinct look while ensuring maximum comfort just like that.

You can check out the vintage tees and skirts here to get this outfit right:


Take Out Your Minis

If you want to try something different than a tee and jeans but do not want to be too outward with them, go for a vintage t-shirt with a miniskirt. It is as classic as it can get. All you need is a vintage bag to go with the attire, and you’ll be all set to rock the day!


MOD Dressing

If you want to go all the way out, why not opt for skinny jeans with a vintage music t-shirt and a black motorcycle jacket? After all, it is the definition of model-off-duty style! Oh, and make sure you don’t forget the black ankle boots for just the right look.

Here are a few things that can help you achieve the perfect MOD look:



Rock the Red!

Pick a red skirt or pants and pair them with a black or white vintage tee to perfect the bold and beautiful look. You can dress it up with a retro coat, chunky sunglasses, and a bandana. And that's all you need to look chic and simply cool in a vintage t-shirt!


Ditch the Skinny

If you want to try something other than skinny jeans with a vintage t-shirt, go for pleated ones or flared ones for a change! The wide pants and even the pleats give an effortless dressier look. For added interest, you can put on a belt, but skip the accessories to avoid looking like you’re too much.

Here are a few choices of bottoms that are perfect for a vintage t-shirt:


Top Off with Scarves, Bandanas & Hats

Add a twist to the classic jeans and tee by tying a scarf or bandana. It looks super cool without much effort. Or, you can also add a retro-style hat and pointy boots to complete the outfit. For the perfect mix-and-match vibe, use sunglasses and a bag. No doubt, this is a cool and stylish attire for any day!

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