Pierre Cardin: The Mod Man


This week, we lost a true fashion hero. Many people do not realize just how far-reaching Pierre Cardin's influence on modern fashion has been. The original "mod", Cardin's fascination with space-age and futuristic design, combined with his desire to create a more "unisex" style, were essential in transporting fashion from the nipped waists and bullet bras of the 40s and 50s to the more easygoing and formless silhouettes of the 60s and beyond. 

His design ethos, fundamentally built on the concept of liberation in all forms, reflects the current mood for fluidity and openness, acceptance and self-expression. These values, which were central to Cardin's appeal, are as important today as they were at the height of his success, making him a truly timeless designer for the people. 


In loving memory of Pierre Cardin, 1922-2020

xoxo, Black Market

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