One Jacket Four Ways, Ingrid Style


One of the best things about shopping at our store is that no two items are alike, but we know this can be overwhelming for some people. Where do you start? What goes with what? Is this blouse tacky good or tacky awful? Shopping vintage actually takes quite a bit of creative brain power! Some people love it, some people don't. 

To show off how versatile our stuff can be, we challenged resident fashion queen Ingrid to style one of our lovely suede fall jackets in four different ways, using clothing and accessories directly from the racks. 

Here's what she came up with:

The Jacket: "I love the smocking on the front... and I love green."

Look 1: "I love this blouse, it doubles as an accessory because of the pussybow collar. The bag is great too!"

Look 2: "I love this Hard Rock baby tee, also this bag opens from the bottom!"

Look 3: "Y2K is super trendy right now, and I like how the big heart necklace matches the colour of the top."

Look 4: "She's on her way to break up with her sugar daddy."

We hope this gets your creative juices flowing! All clothing and accessories used in this shoot cost under $20 and are currently available right here at Black Market Vintage. Come in and start hunting for your own vintage treasures today! 

Big thank you to Ingrid aka @unhappy_rabbit_

xoxo, Black Market 

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