How to Wear Your Vintage Crewnecks in Style?

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How to wear a vintage crewneck or sweatshirt: a question we often get asked in our store. They are the perfect representation of casual, cool, or stylish, depending on what you pair them with. And they are undeniable in style forever! Although this ’90s fashion favourite is quite popular among all age groups, many need some styling tips to rock the look. Whether you have a vintage sweatshirt and are looking for inspiration to put together an ensemble or are looking for a great sweatshirt for your vintage wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best tips and ideas. Read on and get ready to style yours like a fashionista!

5 Interesting Ideas for Vintage Crewnecks

Sporty Look

Pleats, mini hemlines, and crewnecks are a beautiful combination! Pair an oversized vintage sweatshirt with a cute tennis skirt or a mini skirt for a youthful, stylish twist on a sporty look. Complete it with a pretty headscarf and comfy sneakers. You can also wear a button-down underneath your crewneck to add flair to the outfit.

Vintage Crewnecks

80s Sleepy Snoopy Vintage Raglan Crewneck

East Carolina University Navy Blue Vintage Crewneck

30s Style Mickey Mouse Graphic Vintage Disney Crewneck

Chic Vintage Skirts:

Red & Black Houndstooth Vintage Mini Skirt

Marni Designer Tweedy Vintage Wool Skirt

Chanel Paris Charcoal Grey Designer Vintage Skirt

Embroidered Crewnecks

Pair a classic crewneck with an embroidered logo for a casual and breezy look for a day outside with friends. It could be anything from a brand name to a university. It is perfect for a relaxing day. Check out our Coogi Embroidered Logo Vintage Zip-Up Hoodie to upgrade your wardrobe.

Band Logo Vintage Crewneck

Sweatshirts have certainly come a long way from being drab athletic wear. You can find your favourite band on a crewneck and flaunt it proudly. Skim through the merchandise or visit a vintage clothing store to find a piece that pleases your heart. The 1992 Santana Milagro Album Vintage Crewneck T-Shirt from our collection is an excellent choice for music lovers.

Jeans & Sweatshirts

This timeless look is effortless and polished. Pick out the most-cherished denim from your closet to pair with a crewneck and add simple accessories to complete the humble yet beautiful outfit. You can also go for layers if the temperatures dip too much.

Here are our top choices of Vintage Jeans:

Vintage Deadstock Classic Cowboy Cut Wrangler Jeans

Vintage Wrangler High Waisted Slim Fit Jeans

Shorts & Crewnecks

This is one of the favourite combos because it is timelessly chic and practically a no-brainer when putting together an outfit. It is a cool yet polished look, depending on the choice of your sweatshirt.

Here are some shorts that you can add to your wardrobe:

Levi’s High Waisted Vintage Denim Shorts

Vintage Designer Shorts

Vintage GWG Brand Denim Shorts

How to Wear an Oversized Vintage Crewneck?

Pairing it with Bottoms

  • The key to perfecting the oversized look is to pair your sweatshirt with slim-fit pants. It will help accentuate your figure and add an edge to your style.
  • If you don’t want to put too much thought into your ensemble, combine a vintage crewneck with jeans - a solid combo. Skinny jeans, boot cut, and straight cut are all great options.
  • Washed or ripped denim is a great choice to add texture to the ensemble.
  • Leggings or yoga pants go great with an oversized vintage sweatshirt. And remember that slacks can help add a touch of professionalism to this comfortable look.
  • It can also double as a dress and be your perfect streetwear!

Accessories & Add-Ons

  • If you plan to wear an oversized crewneck like a dress, you can pair it with thigh-high boots.
  • Canvas shoes or sneakers are perfect for oversized sweatshirts. They can help you pull off the laid-back and confident look effortlessly.
  • For a day at the beach or by the poolside, add sandals (flip flops or slip-on should do the trick) to the outfit. They are a great complement to oversized crewnecks.
  • Wear a plain, simple sweatshirt with a bright-coloured pair of shoes to glam up your look.
  • Add a bomber or jean jacket to your ensemble for a sportier vibe.
  • Watches, sunglasses, and hats are excellent choices of accessories to spruce up your outfit.

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