How to Maintain the Charm of Your Vintage Clothing?

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Maintaining the pieces is as important as carefully investing in the fashion you love. This is particularly true for vintage clothing. Since they are special, it only makes sense to have a special care routine for the beautiful numbers. Read on to discover the best ways to maintain your vintage tops, t-shirts, and more so you can cherish them longer than you can imagine!

12 Expert Tips on Maintaining Vintage Clothing

Preventative Maintenance is Key

When buying vintage clothing, clean it professionally before keeping it in your wardrobe. You can also talk to the cleaners and learn about the cleaning process to have peace of mind. Also, stay on top of any little repairs required to keep your garment in excellent condition.

Laundry & Drying

It is good to avoid dyers for your vintage numbers as they may break down the fabric’s fibres, causing them to shrink or age prematurely. For delicate pieces of clothing, air drying is the best way to protect the elastic.

Storing & Caring for Your Knitwear

Get your knitwear collection professionally cleaned to enjoy wearing the pieces longer. Fold them properly to avoid creases and bends, and choose a dry, cool place to store them. You can also keep them in airtight containers for a short period. For the long term, keep them on an open shelf.

Maintaining Other Vintage Clothing

This typically depends on the age and type of the garment. It would help to remember the following tips and tricks:

  • Identify and invest in the right hangers for your vintage t-shirts and tops. Wooden ones for shirts and moulded ones for suiting and coats are good choices.
  • Ensure the hanging items have space between them and are not crushed.
  • Use lingerie straps to hang dresses and long pieces.
  • Stuff bodices and delicate numbers with acid-free paper, and avoid plastic garment bags.
  • When storing your purses, stuff them properly and put them in a breathable, soft dust bag.
  • Use shoe trees to extend the life of your vintage footwear. Wooden ones are ideal because they absorb moisture, are aromatic, help prevent cracking, and help retain the shape.

Storing Off-Season Vintage Clothes

When storing your vintage garments for winter, give them a good clean. Prevent moth holes by keeping them away from moisture and not storing them under your bed. You can use air-tight space-saver bags.

Don’t Hesitate to Go to a Tailor

If you’re buying luxury vintage clothing that needs alterations, go to a reliable tailor. Although you can sew a button or two yourself (only if you have the skills), it is best to leave it to the experts to ensure the piece best fits you.

Pro Tip: It is always good to have a mini sewing kit on you in emergencies!

Use Garment Bags

Be sure to keep leather, fur, and cloth in the back of your closet in garment bags. However, do not stuff more than it can hold. Be generous with the number of bags, and use as many as you need. Remember to ensure proper ventilation.

And if you ask whether dry cleaning and plastic wrap bags are ideal for vintage garments, the answer is NO. Remove the plastic as soon as you bring your dry cleaning home and air it so it is free of chemicals.

Storing Vintage Garments with a Shoulder Pad

Use moulded hangers to safely keep your precious retro ensembles with a specific structure or shoulder pads in your wardrobe. Alternatively, you can create a mock mould with tissue paper to get the desired result.

Maintaining Embellished Retro Clothing

If you have a beautifully embroidered evening gown and a pretty knit dress, they won’t do well next to each other. To put it clearly, any vintage piece with embellishments should be separated from different materials.

Details are Definitely Crucial

Most people forget the minute details that actually hold a piece together. For instance, zippers tend to oxidize over time. But don’t worry because this is a normal reaction. A good trick is to strike along it with a lead pencil.

Trust Your Dry Cleaners

When it comes to vintage clothing, trusting your dry cleaners is definitely the way to go. Especially if you have delicate pieces, it is wise to have a reliable name whom you can trust.

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