10 Popular Vintage T-Shirt Colours

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Vintage tees are cool and versatile in the sense that you can pair them with various options like jeans, denim shorts, skirts, and dungarees or overalls. You may have difficulty choosing a shade for your vintage wardrobe with so many choices available. We are here with some quick tips to help you bag a combo that you love.

Explore our top 10 favourite vintage tees to find inspiration for your t-shirt collection and put together a stylish outfit in no time.

10 Vintage T-Shirt Colours You Must Have in Your Wardrobe!

In general, vintage tees follow quite a warm colour palette and more shades of greys than blacks and creams than whites. However, the primary tones and the resulting combinations from mixing them are popular with the older t-shirt look.

White and Blue

Blue tees are some of our best-selling products for a good reason. When combined with white, this calming and neutral shade works really well. Also, it is easy to pair with any bottom wear.

Check out the 1993 Greek Olympics vintage single Stitch t-shirt and 1993 B.U.M. equipment vintage long sleeve tee to get an idea of how these numbers look.

Blue and Yellow

There is just something unique about combining yellow and blue that works so well to create a beautiful outcome! The cooling effect of blue tones and the warmth of yellow strike an interesting balance.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the Pittsburgh slang Grade A vintage t-shirt to see it for yourself!

Grey and Blue

Both blue and gray are pleasant colours, and the result is absolutely loveable when you combine them in any way! There are many shades in greys and blues, which opens up endless possibilities for tees in this combo. Team the vintage t-shirt with a pair of sneakers, and you’re all set for your day.

Earthy Neutral Shades

Inspired by the sea and land tones, these colours are some of the perfect combinations. They are refreshing in their own unique way and beautiful addition to your vintage clothing selection. The 1994 Eagles world tour vintage tee in olive, 1994 Green Bay Packers vintage t-shirt in green and Molson Dry Special Day vintage tee in aqua are classic pieces.

Classic Black

For a timeless look that would look good on any day, stick to black. It is a safe bet when you don’t feel like experimenting much with your outfit. Also, it is easy to style and gives a sexy outlook without much effort.

We have a versatile selection of black vintage tees, including The Beatles vintage t-shirt, Y2K Backstreet Boys vintage tee - world tour, Nirvana Band vintage tee, and a lot more!

Dark Blue and Light Blue

Blue ink on blue tees always look super cool and great together. Light blue on midnight navy and royal blue on ice blue are some combinations definitely worth trying. Whatever shades you choose, ensure that the blues on the tee have enough contrast to make the print on the t-shirt visible. The George Strait country music festival Y2K tee in our collection is a must-try for all you vintage lovers!

Red and White

This colour combo is a great choice for vintage numbers. It makes the design pop, highlights any linework on the fabric, and adds more style to your collection. The intense, contrasting shades look sharp and create a bold, attractive outlook.

Here are our top choices of vintage numbers in red and white:

Bank One Official Marathon Single Stitch Vintage T-Shirt


Vintage Rawlings Brand Red Sox Jersey for those who prefer slightly subtler tees

Green and Gray

Green ink on gray clothing or vice versa is a striking combination for tees and crewnecks. Whether it is an earthy green or leaning toward teal, it is bound to look awesome. The adorable Green Bay Packers vintage crewneck is a great choice for starters.


If you like colourful apparel, the rainbow is your limit! Multicoloured tees add more happy vibes to your outfit and paint a cheerful picture. Some of the best ones from our vintage clothing selection are the single stitch rainbow skinny tee and Pink Disney Mickey and Minnie tee.

Bright Hues

Neon inks and bright hues are just the right choices if you want to experiment with your attire. They exude energy and positive vibes and are too vibrant to not try!

We Have Vintage T-Shirts in All Colour Ranges!

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